Thursday, 2 February 2012

New Poem - B'Shallach

This week's parasha is B'Shallach. It is the "all-action movie" part of the 5 books of Moses; - Pharaoh's army pursues the Children of Israel to the Red Sea; the Red Sea parts and the Israelites cross;  Egypt's army gets swept away; the Children of Israel get miraculously fed with Manna; Moses produces water in the desert; there's a fight with the Amalekites..

Here is my take on it;


Moan, moan, moan; that's all that you do.

You don't understand what's the role of a Jew.

I freed you from Egypt so that you can serve me.

The way you behave I'm not sure you deserve me.

To the shore of the Red Sea I led you and guided

You doubted my power 'till the waters divided.

After singing my praises you resumed your bad mood

And moaned at the volume and taste of your food.

I said not to gather manna on Shabbat

One simple mitzvah; you can't even keep that.

And then for good measure you made a complaint

When you thought that from shortage of water you'd faint.

At Meribah I gave you a well for relief

But STILL you continue to cause me much grief.

You ungrateful lot!  You sure have some neck.

You can now deal with my complaints guy, Amalek.

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