Thursday, 12 January 2012

Shir HaShavua - Shemot

This week, we start the book of Exodus.  The first parasha is called "Shemot", which means "names".  Here is a song about this week's parasha.

(to the tune of “I’m just a girl who can’t say No” from “Oklahoma”)
It ain't so much a question of not knowin' they are Jews
They know what's right and wrong since way back when.
I heard a lot of stories --and I reckon they're true--
About how they’re oppressed by Pharaoh’s men.
I know they mustn't fall into the pit,
But following their religion ...
They fergit!

I'm just the Lord who they don’t know,
They’re in a terrible fix.
They’ve got to build those pyramids
And they must make their own bricks.
When a Hebrew cries and asks of Me ,
Why Pharoah’s men are giving him a smack;
And why should he believe in Me
When he’s a slave and nearly breaks his back!
I'm just the Lord who they don’t know,
Eh’yeh asher Eh’yeh *
That’s what I said to Moshe
They don’t realise that I care
They just don’t know.

I'm just the Lord who they don’t know,
There ain’t much more they can fall.
They have no faith that I will show
Why don’t they give me a call?
For I’ll visit them while they’re in shul,
A-praying and a worshipping to me -
Then remind them of that golden rule...
I do exist and I will set them free!
I can't resist a sincere prayer,  or a nice musical chant
If only they could, but they can’t;
Because they’re so ignorant
They just don’t know!

* Exodus Chapter 3, verse 14; often mistranslated as the present tense "I am that I am" instead of the future "I will be what I will be"   

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