Saturday, 20 October 2012

Here's a poem for next week's parasha - Va'era - the story of Abraham and Sara.


Sara was horrible to Hagar
And vexed her with turmoil and toil.
Whilst Sarah's descendants got Torah,
Hagar's now have all the oil.
"The Last Word"

Andrew Mitchell was rude to that Copper
Although he didn't have Turettes,
And now, at last, he's come a cropper
Despite expressing his regrets.

To call him a pleb was just absurd
And showed his poor control of wrath.
But the boys in blue had the last word
For Mitchell is a cyclopath.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Here's one about the first chapter of the book of Genesis, which we read in synagogue this morning.

"God's Diary"

Sunday - up before the lark
Separated light from dark.
Monday - started before seven
Working on this thing called Heaven.
Tuesday - I was very pleased,
Made the land and plants and seas.
Wednesday - Had a lot of fun
Finishing the moon and sun.
Thursday -used a lot of words
Making fish, insects and birds.
Friday- made mankind and beasts,
Then prepared my Sabbath feast.
Saturday - today's the best.
I get a chance to sit and rest.
This perfect world -
Took me all week to knock it up.
Now watch mankind cock it up.  

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Here's a new poem on a topical issue.


Teresa May
Has had to pray
That Hamza and his mates
Would not find a new legal dodge
To not go to the States,
And though they went back
To the Court
And played it by the book,
The Court said "No.
You've got to go."
So May is off the Hook.