Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Shir Hashavua - Mattot


(to the tune of “In the Navy” by Village People)
‘Book of Numbers tells us that the tribes of Reuben and Gad and Manasseh, too
Said to Moses “we don’t want to cross the Jordan.” (Check out Chapter 32).
Moses said “Now hang on, that might be a problem. Our chance of victory it might harm.”
“Okay” said those tribes. “Our men will march before you, every man equipped and armed.”
(Chorus )
In the army, River Jordan we will ford.
In the army, every man will bring his sword.
In the army, we’ll be fighting for the Lord.
In the army. In the army.

In the land of Gilead, we will build new cities, for our wives and little ones.
Then our men will march with all the other tribes. We’ll stay until the job is done.
After that we’ll come back and we’ll settle down, and to the Lord we will give thanks.
While we’re fighting with the Lord God on our side; we don’t need any planes or tanks.
In the army, we must face up to our fears.
In the army, we’ll be gone for seven years.
In the army, we will fight with shields and spears.
In the army, in the army.
In the army, we will be in many fights.
In the army, we’ll see lots of gruesome sights.
In the army, we will beat the Canaanites.
In the army, in the army.    

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