Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Whilst driving home yesterday evening, I was struck by the vividness of a rainbow which appeared.

Armed with my trusty mobile phone,  I took the attached two photos of it, and I'm rather pleased  with them, particularly since I was stationary in the car at the time, as opposed to being outside with time to compose the shots in more detail.

When I attended a biblical poetry class last year, we studied a poem by William Wordsworth called "My heart leaps", and the teacher asked the class to compose poems about rainbows. Here is a poem I composed, which is an alphabetic acrostic, i.e each line commences with the first letter of the successive colour of the spectrum. The rhyming scheme also follows that of Wordsworth's poem.

My poem touches on the theme that the rainbow is the sign from God that after the Flood (Noah's ark etc), God promised Noah that  he would never again destroy the world.

Since there are seven colours in the spectrum, and Wordsworth's poem has nine lines, the last two lines of my poem are the acrostic for Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet.  This poem will also appear one day as the Shir Hashavua for Noach.

"When God sees Red
Rumbling of thunder, flaying of rain.
Oh, no; howling wind as well.
You'd better watch out. prepare to repent.
God's on the warpath. Listen to him vent
Bolts of lightning. He's really angry again.
In case you forgot, God, your rainbow will tell.
Vengeance must be tempered with merciful intent.
I respectfully remind you that the rainbow is the lid on your anger.
Unfailingly, when you see red, the rainbow stops the danger."

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