Sunday, 26 June 2011

Shir Hashavua - Chukkat

This week's Parasha is called Chukkat. The opening part refers to a mystifying law relating to a red heifer. The Jewish people are instructed to find an unblemished red heifer, burn it and use the ashes to purify sinners.

Chukkat, Chukkat, is doing in my head.
Where can I find a heifer that’s red
And without any blemish? Then burn it with wood.
They tell me its ashes will do me some good.
The ashes are holy and work like a cure
But the folks who prepare them are rendered impure.
I can’t understand it – and I’ve got a degree.
If cows think about it they get BSE.
Most attempts to explain it just end up in failure
But I know that these ashes can’t be lost to Australia.

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