Sunday, 26 June 2011

Back catalogue - Shelach Lecha

I will periodically "backfill" the weekly parasha poems.

Here is the poem for Shelach Lecha - the week before the Blog was created.  This week's theme is the twelve spies which Moses sent to spy out the land of Canaan.

Shelach Lecha
I spy, with my little eye,  a land full of people all twenty feet high.
If we attack them we’ll surely all die. We’re too weak and puny. Let’s not even try.

“He’s wrong” shouted Caleb, through booing and jeers. “The Lord God is with us. Forget all your fears.”
The people said “no” and it came to God’s ears.  He said “Stay here and rot for the next forty years. 

Today you shed tears and for no valid reason.  For all years to come this will be a sad season.
You fail to acknowledge the good things you have.”  And that’s why we still cry on Tisha b’Av.

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