Friday, 23 November 2012

Another historical poem

My wargaming horizons at present are largely taken up with 17th century warfare, since my wargames club is running an English Civil War tournament. This year is the 380th anniversary of the
battle of Lutzen in November 1632 where Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus was killed.

Here is a poem that came to me today (based on these historical events).


Gustavus Adolphus was king of the Swedes;

The root cause of many a fight.

He beat his opponents with consummate ease

As they said let us now take to flight.

Our Gus was a difficult man to appease

And the Baltic he viewed as his lake,

But his big ship the Vasa, made from many trees

Leaked and sank, which he found hard to take.

In the Thirty Years' War, led his troops overseas

Where they took on their Catholic foes

Till, peppered by shot, he was brought to his knees

And at Lutzen did turn up his toes.

He was dicing with death every time that he fought

And was bound to one day come to harm

And the sixth of November’s the day that we ought

To recall. That’s when he bought the farm.



  1. 4 vegetable references in one poem? Well done that man!

    1. I've updated the poem Tamsin. I reckon there are now 8 vegetable references.