Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Olympic Flame

The Olympic flame came past my office this morning. Here are some photos and the obligatory ditty.

The Torch comes to Harrow on the Hill
 (To the tune of "Molly Malone")
In London's fair city
Where the traffic flow's sh....awful
I first set my eyes on the Olympic flame.
It was carried through Harrow
Through a street which was narrow
Just two days before the start of this year's games.

Alive, alive -o-oh, alive, alive-o-oh
Ran a young man with muscles
Alive, alive-o.

Archtypal British scene;   crowd, sponsors, policeman, Union Jack

There were large crowds to greet it.
I bet many have tweeted
That fine summer morning up here on the hill.
There were dancers and big floats
And police in high-viz coats.
To see the real torch was, for many, a thrill.

The Olympic Head of Security breaks free of his handcuffs and waves to the crowd as he's carted off to the nick..  

Alive, alive -o-oh, alive, alive-o-oh 
Ran a young man with muscles
Alive, alive-o.

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