Friday, 19 August 2011

Still cruising..

Thursday, 18th August.


We docked at Malaga at 0700. Ruth and I were booked on an excursion to see the Alhambra Palace at Granada. Our tour left at 8.05, so we had a very early start. After a two-hour drive into the Sierra Nevada mountains, we arrived at Granada.  Entry to the Alhambra is by timed entry via pre-booked ticket.  The Alhambra was a castle/palace fortress built by the Nasirid sultans of Granada, commencing in 1238. Granada was the last Moorish kingdom to be reconquered by Catholic Spain in 1492, and was the capital of Spain until Philip II moved the capital to Madrid half-way through the following century.

The Alhambra, and the neighbouring Generalife Gardens, are absolutely beautiful. Here are a few photos..


This is a reflecting pool leading to the Sultan’s meeting rooms at the far end. It is said to have been the inspiration for the Taj Mahal.



  Note the decorative tiles, the carved woodwork on the walls, the Moorish Arches and the gardens beyond.



A view of the Alhambra from the Generalife Gardens.




A courtyard in the Generalife Gardens, the Sultan’s pleasure garden.


Back at the ship, we continue to lead in the daily trivia quiz series which lasts until the end of the cruise.


Friday, 19th August.  Gibraltar.

The schedule for the day is a tour of the newly-opened (to the public) World War II Tunnels, followed by visiting various members of Ruth’s family who live in Gibraltar.



One of the apes on the upper rock took a shine to Ruth. [Ruth is the one in the glasses]




This is a 5.25” naval gun, originally from a British World War II battleship, placed in battery in Gibraltar in about 1950, but never fired.




Here is one of the apes looking towards our cruise ship.  Royal Caribbean’s tag line is  the nation of “why not”, and I am torn between titling this photo “Why not” and “Maybe next year”.


Ruth cousins treated us to dinner in the Kosher restaurant in Gibraltar – it was nice to eat meat again for the first time in nearly a week.




We’re now back on the ship. A day of rest tomorrow at sea, then we fly home on Sunday morning.

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