Tuesday, 25 December 2012


I didn't know she was dislexic
When I criticized her filing.
I apologised.
We hugged.
Now everything's k.o.

Limmud Food
When I come to Limmud
The Sessions are good,
But why is there such
A long wait for the food?
This delay in my fressin'
Can cause me much stressin',
More so when it makes me
Late for my next session.
This logistical problem
Will beat every planner
Until they can make the food
Come down like Manna.

Oy Vay! It will soon be Shabbat.
Prepare the candles; set the table; get ready for shul  - no time to rest.

Limmud Haikus
1.   Midrash and Movies
      Rafi and Nathan in dinner
      Suits, licenced to thrill.

2.   Conference 2012
      Everyone has a pink bag.
      Are all Limmudniks gay?

3.   Wood, strings, metal. Dead
      Until tied with chords and skill.
      Then a harmony.

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